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Welcome to Drillworx Your Supplier Value

Drillworx is a wholesale/manufacturing/service company created to serve the drilling community and to be a true partner to the companies we serve.

We strive to provide our clients quality products, exceptional pricing, and experienced service. Our mission is to increase our clients success in the drilling market by helping them increase their bottom line and exceed their goals.

Prompt Service & Quality Products

We provide the best products on your schedule.

Our Team

Our sales team at Drillworx is comprised of individuals that have dedicated themselves to serving the drilling industry for many years. Our staff has a combined average of 20 years in the industry, and we use that experience and knowledge to work for our clients every day. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and promote the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Our Products

We have combined products from the leading manufacturers in the industry along with our own designed and manufactured tooling that give our customers the edge in the field. Whether you're looking for the right bit or a complete drilling package we have winning solutions for you. Beyond drilling supplies/materials, we also offer an extensive fleet of rental equipment (drill rigs, compressors, grouting equipment, etc...) as well as a full service repair facility.

Our Service

Our customers are provided professional field tech support in many areas of drilling with a "hands on" approach to meet and exceed project challenges. To go one step further in our service, we have a 24HR/7 day emergency response team that can provide the difference in difficult breakdown situations and get you turning to the right again. We know that our years of experience in the drilling industry and our dedication to excellence is proven by worx not words, so please contact us today to see how we can help!